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Ethereum Unique Addresses at ATH & Daily Transactions Up by

Ethereum daily transactions are 100% up from its low in January 2020 Ethereum daily transactions increased by 112% from its lows in January, after the coronavirus fallout. The increase in volume has also increased the size of the ecosystem with Compound’s Finance, COMP token trading at billion-dollar valuation. The increase in daily transaction volume denotes […]Read More


Ethereum Mining Revenue Increases by 46%

Ethereum Mining Revenue Gets a Boost Ethereum Miner’s revenue increased by 46% after someone nearly paid $2.7 million in transaction fees. As reported by Glassnode, the miner revenue increased from 0.088 to 0.129 an increase of 46.4%. The reason for the same is believed to be the distribution of a $2.7 million transaction fee and […]Read More


What is Matic Network? A Cryptocurrency guide for Investors

What is Matic Network Matic Network is an off-chain scaling solution for existing decentralized applications to provide platforms with scalability and superior user functionalities. Matic Network solves the low transaction throughput problem by employing a Block Producer layer to provide for the block generation on the Matic network. Block producers enable the system to provide blocks at a high-speed rate. The system […]Read More

What is a Smart Contract? A Guide for Professionals

Introduction to Smart Contracts A smart contract is a computer-programmable agreement that can execute contractual relationships between parties to a contract or application on a public or private blockchain. It operates based on the terms of the agreement laid down by the developers in a machine-readable and execute language such as solidity. The primary purpose […]Read More


What is Tokenization? A Guide for Professionals

Introduction to Tokenization The tokenization of assets was led by the creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin in 2014 in the ethereum’s white paper provided for the idea of tokenization of assets. Now tokenization is an essential part of the blockchain technology that serves the purpose of platform identification and accessibility. It is the process of […]Read More

Case Study: Santander Bank Bond Issuance on Ethereum

Santander Bank Bonds Issuance on Ethereum Santander Group paved the way for the future of tokenized securities by issuing bonds on the ethereum blockchain. The Spanish multinational commercial bank and financial services company established in Madrid and Santander in Spain. They claim to be the first users of end-end blockchain technology to create a bond […]Read More


Digital Art: The future of Art is Ethereum, Blockchain, and

Digital Art and Ethereum: The future is blockchain Digital Art has been one of the most attractive and dynamic of markets – finding amongst its patrons, passionate collectors, and calculative investors. However, one may find that it can also be a very challenging market to enter. With the best and most coveted pieces often demanding […]Read More

What are Digital Assets? The Next Wave of Gold Rush

Digital Assets is the next wave of digitization that is going to disrupt our financial systems. Blockchain Research Over the last 2 years, we’ve witnessed countless trends within the realm of digital assets, with the rise and fall of ICO’s, the roller coaster of Cryptoasset prices, the development of decentralized fund, and also the announcement […]Read More


Ethereum 2.0 – The Next Revolution in Crypto

The launch of Ethereum 2.0 is especially significant in comparison to previous updates because of the implementation of a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, moving away from the network from its existing Proof of Work structure. BlockchainReseach.in Ethereum 2.0 is a major upgrade to the existing Ethereum blockchain, being deployed to expand Ethereum’s usage and […]Read More


Facebooks’s Calibra rebrands to Novi – Insider Story

People were confusing Libra and Calibra all the time. David Marcus, Facebook’s head of blockchain. The Rise of Novi In an attempt to distance itself from Facebook’s digital currency Libra,  Facebook’s blockchain division, Calibra, will get a new name. The Calibra blockchain team is building a digital wallet for Facebook’s apps, which will, in due […]Read More

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