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How Blockchain Helps in Protecting Data

Blockchain and Data Protection Guide Blockchain is one of the most innovative developments in modern technology. As a ​secure ledger,​ the blockchain organizes the growing list of transaction records into a chain of blocks, with each block being guarded by techniques using cryptography to maintain the security of its transaction records. New blocks can only […]Read More

University of California pays $1 million ransom after the Cyber

The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), has confirmed that it has paid a total of  $ 1.14 million (£ 925,000) to criminals behind a cyber attack on its School of Medicine. Cyber Attack and Coronaviurs – NetWalker Ransomware On June 1, the hackers behind the NetWalker ransomware campaign attacked the UCSF network in the […]Read More

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