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How Blockchain Helps in Protecting Data

Blockchain and Data Protection Guide Blockchain is one of the most innovative developments in modern technology. As a ​secure ledger,​ the blockchain organizes the growing list of transaction records into a chain of blocks, with each block being guarded by techniques using cryptography to maintain the security of its transaction records. New blocks can only […]Read More

What is Ankr? A Cryptocurrency Guide for Investors

What Is Ankr? The Blockchain-Based Cloud Infrastructure For Web 3.0 ANKR is the one-stop solution to all of the above bottlenecks, Ankr is a decentralized blockchain-based cloud computing platform for Web 3.0 applications. Founded by Chandler Song and Ryan Fang in Nov 2017, Ankr is a cryptocurrency based cloud computing platform that utilizes the idle […]Read More


Ethereum Mining Revenue Increases by 46%

Ethereum Mining Revenue Gets a Boost Ethereum Miner’s revenue increased by 46% after someone nearly paid $2.7 million in transaction fees. As reported by Glassnode, the miner revenue increased from 0.088 to 0.129 an increase of 46.4%. The reason for the same is believed to be the distribution of a $2.7 million transaction fee and […]Read More


Blockchain Usecases for Government: Dive Into the Mainstream

Blockchain Usecases – Government & Enterprises Governments are using blockchain in the vast areas of transportation, taxation, voting, supply chain, energy, and healthcare. Blockchain ensures the governments a secure, fast, and safe system for conducting their regular activities. Since the topic is the blockchain government use cases, the introduction to what a blockchain is kept […]Read More


Digital Dollar in Play for Trump to Counter China

‘Digital Dollars’ on the play Digital Dollar is in play for Capitol Hill in order to counter China’s plan of digital yuan, its own digital currency with which it wants to modernize the foundation of its economy. The tensions between the countries are rising in the past few days. On June 13, 2020, the House […]Read More


What is Tezos? A cryptocurrency guide for investors

Tezos is a decentralized blockchain network, which links itself to a digital token known as Xtz, tez or tezzie. It governs itself by establishing a true digital commonwealth. Now, what do we mean by the commonwealth? It is a group that chooses to be linked together because of shared goals and interests. Thus, tezos establishes […]Read More

Blockchain and Supply Chain Management: Guide for Professionals

            Introduction to Blockchain Technology Blockchain technology seems to be complicated, but it is not. If it was a complex term to understand, then why call it ‘BLOCKCHAIN’?  Starting from its most basic level, it means a chain of blocks, but a sense of saying this is not traditional. When we talk about “block” & […]Read More

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