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What is Celsius Network? A Cryptocurrency Guide for Investors

What is Celsius Network? Celsius Network is a decentralized lending protocol that provides cash loans and loans in cryptocurrency to its users. Celsius network provides 50%, 33%, and 22% loan to value accompanied by collateral protection for lenders. The Celsius Network was founded by Alex Mashinksy and Daniel Leon in 2017 when they created the […]Read More


Compound Becomes First Billion-Dollar DeFi Unicorn

Compound Becomes DeFi’s First Unicorn Compound Finance, a decentralized lending protocol company, became the first billion-dollar unicorn with a valuation of its COMP tokens opening at billion-dollar market capitalization. COMP is now the most valuable digital token operating in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, after distributing 4.3 Million of the total 10 million tokens to […]Read More


What is Origin Protocol? A Guide for Cryptocurrency Investors

What is Origin Protocol? “Technology has enabled the sharing economy to not only become a major trend but (also to) continue to grow and be successful” Leah Busque Origin protocol is the next-generation sharing economy. Buyers and Sellers will be able to manage without rent-seeking intermediaries. Origin protocol reduces transaction fees, enables users to create […]Read More


Digital Art: The future of Art is Ethereum, Blockchain, and

Digital Art and Ethereum: The future is blockchain Digital Art has been one of the most attractive and dynamic of markets – finding amongst its patrons, passionate collectors, and calculative investors. However, one may find that it can also be a very challenging market to enter. With the best and most coveted pieces often demanding […]Read More


What is Decentralized Finance (Defi)? A New Era for Finance

What is Decentralized Finance (Defi)? We are all familiar with the traditional finance market, which is centralized. Central authorities issue the regular currency. This drives our economy and is used for every trade by the government, banks, and citizens. Thus, the power to regulate the flow of currency in an economy lies in their hands. […]Read More

Blockchain and Supply Chain Management: Guide for Professionals

            Introduction to Blockchain Technology Blockchain technology seems to be complicated, but it is not. If it was a complex term to understand, then why call it ‘BLOCKCHAIN’?  Starting from its most basic level, it means a chain of blocks, but a sense of saying this is not traditional. When we talk about “block” & […]Read More

Swiss Government is not Bailing out Crypto, Rejects $103 Million

Swiss Government not bailing out Crypto Switzerland’s authorities have rejected a hundred million francs (hundred three dolars million) bailout for local cryptocurrency businesses affected by the coronavirus financial state, local press reported. Zug financial director Heinz Taennler requested the specific funding package deal in April. The vast majority of the government officials have been reported […]Read More

What is Travala? A Cryptocurrency Guide for Investors

Travala.com is the world’s leading cryptocurrency-friendly hotel booking service with the best prices on 2 million+ properties worldwide. Travala Team Travala.com – Booking Hotels with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Founded in 2017, Travala.com is the world’s leading cryptocurrency-friendly hotel booking service with the best prices on 2 million+ properties worldwide. It connects travelers with among the […]Read More

What is VeChain? A Cryptocurrency Guide for Investors

What is VeChain (VEN)? VeChain is a blockchain-enabled network developed to boost supply chain management operations. By use of tamper-proof and distributed ledger technology, VeChain offers consumers and retailers with the capability to identify the product quality along with the authenticity of products which are purchased by end-consumers. Each individual item on the blockchain is […]Read More

Theta Network adds Google as its Node Validator

Theta rewards network participants for relaying video content to other users using their spare bandwidth and computing resources. The result should be a “massive decentralized mesh network of relayers Theta Lab CEO Mitch Liu Google Joins Theta Network Google is set to become the protocol’s fifth external validator node. As part of the agreement, the […]Read More

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