Has Amfeix committed a $69 million fraud against investors?

Has Amfeix committed a $69 million fraud against investors?

Amfeix chances of possible exit scam?

Recently Amfeix, the investment fund has stopped payout to its investors who are claiming about a possible exit scam. Amfeix investment fund was owned by an Anonymous owner with no traders or secret traders who were promising steep returns on investments and the company was incorporated in non-financial jurisdictions. The company has recently requested for a strike off.

The performance figures have not been verified by any third party. With that in mind, users can’t trust the figures they are showing you represent the actual performance of the fund
 Amfeix is 100% anonymous. The traders they claim are working for them cannot be traced. They are imaginary as the fund has failed to introduce their professional profiles to investors. 
 The number one rule to storing bitcoin is if you don’t hold the private keys, you don’t actually own the assets. While Bitcoin ownership may be protected by the blockchain, your relationship with the investment company is not. If you allow a company to hold your private keys, it’s really their Bitcoin.

Statement from Amfeix

 Amfeix has just issued the following statement via its telegram channel.
Statement To all investors.

After the Bitcoin halving which occurred on May 11th 2020, the Bitcoin network went through some heavy aggregation. This can be seen and verified by (Bitcoin blockchain explorers > Mempool > All time > 30 day average). 
This congestion of transactions has lead to many issues to blockchain based decentralized companies (such as AMFEIX). 

However this issue is not permanent and can be fixed through redeveloping the current systems. This means that all transactions that require the BTC blockchain have to be done manually. This can become very time consuming and thus it is the reason to why there have been delays in some users withdrawals. Again this is not permanent, and thus within time which we expect during this month all operations should and will become normal and consistent as they were.
We are hard at work at bringing you the best customer service possible and upholding our track record. In all of AMFEIX history no transaction has gone unchecked and we pride ourselves in that. Thank you.


The company has said in its statement that the withdrawals are delayed due to network congestion and that they are being done manually by the company. CryptoVigilante tough has raised questions and indicated instead that the company has a lot of red flags being operated by an anonymous person. Further, there has been reports that the company has applied for a strike-off. This allegations and red flags are alarming for the investors who are worried that they can lose their money due to this exit scam.

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  • Half way through July almost and still little obvious progress. I’ve been banned from the main telegram chat along with many other investors. They still claim work is being done so I am not 100% out of hope. I am very disappointed in how they are treating customers during this time.

    • i had 2btc stolen by amfeix thanks to active intelligence finace recovery team they helped me to recover my money back in 7days if you have proof i suggest you contact them on their website with proof now www . afxactiveintel . com report amfeix they will help you out

  • I wonder whats the update on this?

    • no update only option is if you have proof contact active intelligence finance recovery team they will help you restore you money back into your desired wallet but you have proof before contacting them. check website (www . afxactiveintel . com)

  • i wish you could do a real deep dive into Amfeix as i and many other investors feel we’ve been stitched up, no withdrawals since 28.5.20 they still getting btc deposited into the fund, virtually zero engagement with investors, no real proof of trading or funds in cold wallet.

    • I requested for withdrawal on 25 may 2020 , till now it’s upto no avail.. Communication is zero, and I have been blocked from the telegram chat group for raising questions..there are people who silence people voices, it’s so unfaire and unjust how this company is running..

      • they will not answer your request if you dont take action i know by exp-erience so does many pther who got their coins returned back. we all contacted (www . afxactiveintel . com) and seek for their help the financial investigators assisted us and now i have my money back

    • AMFEIX is a confirmed scam but that is not all, if you are very sure that you have proof then keep your seed key save and contact (www . afxactiveintel . com) to help you reciver your funds this investigators are very competent and reliable because they have assisted many others including myself to get our investment back from AMFEIX look them up only if you have proof

  • It seems it is too late: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/amfeixportal.com
    Only police may stop the fraudsters from getting away. You should file the case and contact lawyers.

    • answer to this question is to report to finance investigators i know active intelligence is competent because they helped me and many others in my community to recover our investment back from amfeix check their website (www . afxactiveintel . com)

  • all with valid proof contact (www . afxactiveintel . com) they will help out

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