Blockchain Usecases for Government: Dive Into the Mainstream

Blockchain Usecases – Government & Enterprises Governments are using blockchain in the vast areas of transportation, taxation, voting, supply chain, energy, and healthcare. Blockchain ensures the governments a secure, fast, and safe system for conducting their regular activities. Since the topic is the blockchain government use cases, the introduction to what a blockchain is kept […]Read More

What is a Smart Contract? A Guide for Professionals

Introduction to Smart Contracts A smart contract is a computer-programmable agreement that can execute contractual relationships between parties to a contract or application on a public or private blockchain. It operates based on the terms of the agreement laid down by the developers in a machine-readable and execute language such as solidity. The primary purpose […]Read More


What are Security Tokens? A Guide for Professionals

What are Security token? Security tokens are tokenized assets, securities, or an ownership position representing a position in a corporation, a creditor relationship with a government, or rights to ownership as represented by equity or option. A security token is a tokenized, digital form of these traditional securities.  Let us understand more about security tokens […]Read More

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